Q. How is ASTRA different from zone soccer?

Zones operate within the Recreational and Competitive Stream and while ASTRA caters to this cohort of players we also cater to athletes who show an interest in the High-Performance Stream (U13-U19).
ASTRA U15/U17 groups also participate in the  High Performance Showcase Series (HPSS)
All ASTRA coaches are certified, currently hold or are working towards Provincial and/or National coaching certifications, and have paid contracts with ASTRA.
All athletes from Saskatoon and surrounding area are welcome to train with ASTRA regardless of where the athlete resides or what other soccer organization the athlete participates with.

Q. Does ASTRA conflict with zone soccer?

We try to operate around zone play so that our players can get the benefit of both environments. However, there are times throughout the phase that conflicts are inevitable, but we are willing to work with athletes to ensure they are not missing out on opportunities.  

Q. I've heard that U13-U19 ASTRA players are discouraged from playing in the local SYSI league, is this true?

The short answer is no. The facts are that 80% of our players from the U13 category to our University Preparation Program are all registered with zones and participate in SYSI league play. We encourage our players to participate in any training program she or he feels they will benefit from.

Q. Does ASTRA play games?

We do not compete in SYSI league play. We do however get club day matches for our age groups and regularly participate in tournaments. The natural evolution of ASTRA requires us to offer more match opportunities in order to cater to the growing demand from our academy athletes and parents. Our University Preparation Program also takes part in showcase events to help players get identified for post-secondary opportunities.      

Q. How many training sessions per week?

All U7 and U9 groups train twice per week for 1 hour at each session. All U11-U19 groups train a minimum of three sessions per week and sessions range from 1.25 to 1.5 hours in duration. For specific training calendars, please check the individual program page or contact Chris at

Q. Do you accept late registrations?

Yes, provided we have room in the training group. Program fees are pro-rated for participants who join late.

Q. Does ASTRA require the full payment upfront?

No. All participants have the option of paying monthly installments.

Q. I would like for my child to participate but I'm not sure if I can afford it. Is additional funding available?

Yes. As a sanctioned High Performance Training Centre we have access to funding through the Saskatchewan Soccer Association's Athlete Assistance Program (AAP). More information can be found here:

Q. My son or daughter is U13-U19 and has never participated in ASTRA, do they need to tryout?

Athletes who are in U13-U19 will be asked to attend 3-5 free trial sessions before being accepted into the Academy full-time. The purpose of the trial is to determine whether the athlete has the internal drive and intrinsic motivation to succeed in a High Performance training environment. Please contact Chris at to arrange a trial.

Q. Do you hold tryouts for U7 - U11?

No, anyone can register for our U7 - U11programs.

Q. When does the Academy train?

The length of our programming varies depending on the age group.

U7/U9 Training: 3 Training Phases
May - June (Registration in March)
September - October (Registration in July)
November - March (Registration in September)
U11 Training: 3 Training Phases
November - March (Registration in September)
May - July (Registration in March)
September - October (Registration in July)
U13-U19 Training: 2 Training Phases
October - March (Registration in September)
May - July (Registration in March)